APPLife Digital

ContractHub Streamlines Operations and Compliance for APPLife Digital

About APPLife Digital

APPLife Digital Solutions is a business incubator and portfolio manager that uses digital technology to create and invest in e-commerce and cloud-based solutions.

APPLife grows revenue and maintains equity in each business. With offices in San Francisco and Shanghai, APPLife provides key developers, as well as marketing, legal, accounting, and project management.

The Problem

With offices on both sides of the world, implementing cutting-edge document workflow and efficiency was a priority. For example, we might have the investment team in San Francisco sign on a company. The document would need to be signed by the general counsel or CEO, who was in another state or halfway around the world. APPLife needed a simple solution to handle this document flow.
eSignature-only solutions did not work because of errors that came up in document generation, the organizational energy needed to track everything, and issues when people store things “by hand”.
“With ContractHub, I can easily generate simple documents like board resolutions and get them executed in a fraction of the time. For our operations team, knowing that they can generate documents with limited inputs, substantially reduces my time to review. Having the entire process in one place gives everyone a window into the process and ensures we have a compliant document record. The system does have a learning curve to create the process, but it is still relatively simple to use. We can now edit or create just about any digital legal process without a lot of work and with no programming. ContractHub helped us digitize the first legal processes. They used this time to walk us through how to do it ourselves. Now that I am familiar with the platform, we would recommend it for anyone that is trying to streamline and keep track of their document workflow.”
Michael Wheeler,
General Counsel