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About MagicDesk

MagicDesk transitions client infrastructure into a fully managed suite of services. Rather than being tied to a physical desk, employees have the flexibility to access their work environment from any location from any device with an internet connection.

The switch from Word, eSignature and shared drives

MagicDesk has sales representatives located in different places. They wanted to empower their employees to take the sales process to close, particularly for those later stage opportunities. At management’s prior companies, the closing process was frequently transferred to legal or some other department, which led to slower close times and a fragmented customer experience.
MagicDesk needed a simple system that limited inputs during the contract generation process, automated approvals, and kept everything in one place.
We needed something simple to manage our document flow. Now, our reps fill in a few key terms, click on who the agreement is going to, the platform then automatically generates the contract, and routes it to the next action point. The time savings and organization efficiencies are significant. For example, now, we know exactly where everything is in the process. Little to no guesswork is critical for us. We can make changes to key terms, easily generate add-on orders, and have a complete history of client agreements - all in one place. The ContractHub Team converted our standard agreements and reviewed our process. The process took less than a day and we were up and running. Once we understood the platform, it was very easy for us to make changes to documents, key terms, and workflows. Now, every document, its status, reporting, and exporting, are all available on my dashboard –eliminating most status inquiries to the team.
Steven Kornreich,
Founder & CEO