Digitize Your Contract Process

ContractHub is the easiest way to create, sign, and manage, your business agreements.

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Turbo-Charge Your Sales Organization

Provide distributed teams standard templates and workflows that integrate everyone from company counsel to management.

Legal and HR Teams

Improve efficiency by automating standard tasks like NDAs, Independent Contractor Agreements, MSAs and change forms.

Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage. With real-time backups across 6 individual data centers. Create your own data room with properly coded documents

Impress Customers


Offer customers and clients a simple, error-free process with their own real-time dashboard.


Outsource closings to our experienced transaction team.


Let us audit and build your new process.

  • Letter from our Founder

    “Founders and attorneys spend too much time changing names, dates, and signature blocks - then emailing and tracking documents. Worst of all, companies cannot practically access information contained in those documents without a time-consuming search and review.

    At ContractHub, we built a single platform to create documents without redundant inputs, have them signed, tracked, approved, and stored, without programming or complex onboarding. Our platform then retains the underlying Meta-Data.

    Meta Data retention captures everything from key terms in the agreement to counterparty names and contact information. This allows ContractHub to automate everything from bulk document distribution and signature collection, to the generation of diligence schedules, reports, and signature blocks.

    We thoughtfully designed ContractHub to improve legal organization and reduce workload. Best of all, it’s free for smaller companies, and reasonably priced for everyone else. ”

    Simon Ginsberg

    Simon Ginsberg, Esq Founder, CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my plan later?

You can downgrade or upgrade at any time.

Is my data safe?

ContractHub is protected by 256-bit SSL security. All data including documents are sent using secure encrypted links. No data is shared with third parties.

Digital Signatures?

ContractHub’s digital signature is legally binding throughout the US and many other countries.

What about my old contracts?

Easily import all your old documents to our platform and organise them using tags and folders (Coming Soon)

Do my team members need an account?

Yes. all your team members need to signup for our free individual account. Once they have signed up they will have access to your company account based on set permissions.

Do my clients need an account?

No. An email will be sent notifying your client when a document requires their attention. Each email will contain a secure link for your client to view and digitally sign the document.

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