Template Guidelines
Download Our Example Template

e-Signature Documents.

Contracts that only need a signature may be uploaded and sent without mapping. Our system will auto-generate the signature page and send it to your counterparty.


Template Documents.

  1. Draft documents in any program such as Microsoft Word and save them as PDFs.
  2. ContractHub generates exhibits and signature pages in Times New Roman 13 (which we recommend for your forms as well).
  3. Please do not include signature or exhibit pages.
  4. Our system recognizes defined terms by looking for Capitalized Words immediately preceding “(as defined in Exhibit)”.
  5. Login to your account and select “Upload” from a COMPANY account (not your individual account). Follow the prompts to select the file and click Upload.
  6. Go to your templates library and click the Document to open the mapping screen.
  7. Map each defined term to either a text box or a metadata field (e.g. company name, address, etc.)
  8. Edit, Delete and add defined terms as needed.
  9. Save the mapping at the bottom of the mapping screen.
  10. Your template is now ready for use.


Contract Drafting Tips.

All variable defined terms go on exhibits. For Company counsel drafting agreements, this can include data such as party names, term, description of services, etc. – everything that changes from contract to contract. Regular definitions that won’t change can be hardwired in the contract and require no special treatment.

We recommend numbering or versioning similar forms to reduce any future contract review (i.e. the only changes from contract to contract will be in the exhibits).

A sample contract header (with key terminology that our system will recognize) is:

This Services Agreement (this “Agreement”) is entered on the Effective Date (as defined in Exhibit A) between Company (as defined in Exhibit A) and Co-Founder (as defined in ExhibitA),

Once you map the defined terms, we will stamp a unique document number on every page and add a signature page and exhibits, creating a single PDF with everything in it. Other than this, we do not alter your agreement in any way. You then send that document for execution on the platform.